Saturday, January 30, 2010

My favorites.

I've lived in Columbus since 2005. I know that is not very long in the grand continuum of life, but I feel it is long enough to have had sampled many restaurants in the 614.

My plan for this blog is to highlight restaurants by location: German Village, Downtown, Short North, Victorian Village, Grandview, Campus, Clintonville, Worthington, Easton, Polaris, and beyond. Each month, I will focus on a specific area of the city, and will post my likes/dislikes/hopefully some pictures on specific restaurants during the weeks.

That being said, I have a collection of restaurants that I consider to be my favorite places in Columbus. I mean, what is a foodie without a favorite list of places?

My top 10 (not in any particular order, just any place that when someone asks, "Where would you like to go to dinner?" I would definitely say "yes!"):

1. Lindey's, German Village
2. The North Star Cafe, Short North
4. Udipi Cafe, Worthington/North Columbus
5. Lavash, Clintonville
6. Cap City Diner, Grandview/Victorian Village
7. The Happy Greek, Short North
8. Cafe Istanbul, Easton
9. Tai's Asian Bistro, Campus/Upper Arlington
10. The Tip Top, Downtown

Next list of German Village Restaurants, and reviews!

1 comment:

  1. OMG, Northstarz. Delish.

    ...but I don't see anywhere on your list that sells grilled cheese.