Saturday, February 6, 2010

Clintonville: Beechwold Diner

I love breakfast.

Growing up, my parents did an amazing job of accommodating both American and Indian style breakfasts.

My mom would make egg-less pancakes, which were very tasty. My mom doesn't really eat egg, unless it's baked into cakes and cookies and she has no control over it, so she wouldn't cook with it. My dad, on the other hand, is the master of the omelet. I have tried over the years to replicate his style. My dad first takes a small frying pan (not even a type casted omelet pan). He heats the pan with some ghee, or clarified butter, staple of Indian cooking. He neatly cracks two eggs in a small bowl, in this series of Tupperware bowls my mother must have bought 30 years ago, takes a fork, neatly whisks the eggs. He adds salt, pepper and garlic. My dad always knows when the heat of the pan is exactly right, adds the egg. He then flips it, adds a piece of American cheese, and bam. The perfect omelet, that can be easily transformed into a bread sandwich. However, on days when my dad didn't feel like cooking, he'd take my sister and I to McDonald's and we'd all split a big breakfast. Those were the days!

However, South Indian breakfast is a big deal. Totally savory. Delicious dosas with coconut chutney. Upma, which in made from a semolina-like substance called rava, with fresh vegetables, served with spicy mango pickle. The only really sweet dish I can think of are these coconut dosas my aunt makes, with molasses chutney. Melts in your mouth!

Anyway, I am a big fan of American style breakfast. I love sitting in coffee shops and home style diners and having buttery, delicious stacks of pancakes, omelets that are overflowing with goodness, and having a great cup of coffee.

Last night, Columbus had a pretty big snow storm. Although it wasn't the snowpacolypse that the east coast apparently received, it was pretty bad. I had made plans with some of my friends to visit the Beechwold Diner this morning for breakfast. Luckily, the snow stopped over night, so we were able to venture this morning.

The Beechwold Diner is located on Indianola Avenue, between Cooke and Morse roads. It is only open for breakfast and lunch. It is in a building that is occupied by several other businesses as well, so parking is plenty. When we walked in, it reminded me of the German Village Coffee Haus, with four seaters booths and one big booth, and plenty of bar stools overlooking the grill top. The bar tops looked like they were made of granite. Very clean, very nice.

We were allowed to self seat, so we chose a roomy booth for the four of us. Upon glancing at the menu, the prices were very reasonable. The most expensive omelet was the garbage omelet, which was $7.50.

I like looking at what other people order when they go to restaurants. Most people around us had omelets. I normally get pancakes when I go out for breakfast, but today I sprung for the omelet. Although I must say,the cinnamon rolls looked AMAZING.

After a round of coffees, which tasted like a very fresh brew, we all ordered our omelets.

Mine, a sausage and cheese omelet with wheat toast:

A bacon and cheese omelet with an English muffin:

A garbage omelet with wheat toast:

And a good ol, plain cheese omelet:

The omelets were paper thin. I was amazed at how neatly the eggs were folded, like a piece of paper. Due to this thin-ness, I was surprised at the contents that could fit in the omelet. The cheese warm, delicious, and gooey, was on my fork after the first cut. It was really great.

With the omelets, a delicious side of potatoes and toast came. The potatoes were scalloped, crispy, and not greasy. Very good. The toast was buttered, which was fine because the meal was fat fatty anyway.

I wish I didn't gorge on the breakfast. The dessert special was pie. DINER PIE. I saw someone get a slice of blueberry, and it looked amazing. The special was french silk pie.

I also wish I would have saved room for a cinnamon roll.

CONCLUSION: I will be back. For pancakes. And cinnamon rolls.

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