Saturday, February 27, 2010

Polaris: Molly Woo's

One of the best part about my friends is that they are all willing to eat. New places, old places, different genres, I can always count on someone to share a good meal with. Although, this may be a bad thing when trying to watch my diet...

However, my friend Kellie and I make it a habit to get together on nights when we don't feel like going out, and have a good meal. One place we like to frequent is Molly Woo's Asian Bistro (Molly Woo's) at Polaris. I don't make it to Polaris a whole lot since I live close to Downtown, so I often forget how nicely planned it is, and the good shopping and restaurant choices there are.

Recently, I had read a review in the Columbus Dispatch about Molly Woo's, so I had been wanting to try this "Pan-Asian menu" that is "on the track to perfection." We sat at the bar, which provided a nice ambiance and a good people watching view (which is a hobby that Kellie and I are exceptionally good at).

We ordered two appetizers, an order of pot stickers and an order of crab rangoon. I forgot to take pictures because it was 8 pm and I was ravished with hunger. The pot stickers are filled with chicken and vegetables, and are in a flavorful ginger soy sauce, with a plum drizzle. On top of the pot stickers is a nice shaved carrot ensemble that is easy to pick up with a fork. I thought the pot stickers were kind of cold when they came out. But nevertheless tasty.

The crab rangoons are really small. I guess since Molly Woo's is a Cameron Mitchell's restaurant, the appetizers that are generally normal people sized at regular restaurants have to be fancy and smaller and more expensive. But the sweet and tangy sauce that comes to dip the rangoons in is AWESOME. And the rangoons are pretty good even though they are bite sized.

Kellie ordered the Sesame Beef with Brown Rice:

And I ordered the special Chinese New Year fried rice, with Lump Crab and Shrimp:

The selling point for this was the mango. However, the tomatoes really were unnecessary. I really don't understand why you would mix raw tomatoes, with raw mangoes, on top of shrimp and lump crab and a savory fried rice?

I wish this fried rice had more to it. For example, Haiku's fried rice has a lot of vegetables, sprouts, snow pod peas, beans,carrots, and pieces of meat or tofu. This fried rice just had chopped celery, onion, peas out of the pod, and some carrots. I don't even think there was egg in the fried rice? Anyway, I guess I paid $17.95 for like 15 pieces of not really big shrimp that I could probably get in a frozen bag from Trader Joe's, and a pile of lump crap meat that was cold and most likely from a can.

Kellie said her sesame beef was good though.

Ok, this is where things get crazy and gluttonous. It's 9 pm, and I look out in the hallway, and like ONE HUNDRED 16-year-olds are exiting the mall. SERIOUSLY. All of these kids. Who lets their kids go to the mall on a Friday night, and most importantly, how do these kids have money to go to Forever 21 and Gap and Victoria's Secret and buy things? Maybe it's a city thing that I didn't deal with growing up in Celina, but come on, really? A MASS EXODUS of children? Don't they have better things to do than hang out in the mall?!

Anyway, the dessert special on the Chinese New Year deal was a warm pear tart with coconut ice cream:

OMG. This was seriously the best dessert I've had in a long time. The pastry was warm, the pear filling was sweet and tart, and the coconut ice cream added a nice texture. We seriously demolished it in 5 minutes.

Due to the after shock of witnessing the degeneration of America's children, we ordered another dessert. The bar tender recommended this banana-peanut butter-chocolate-wonton-ice cream topped delight:

These were pretty good too. However, I think that it would have been better with Nutella instead of chocolate and peanut butter. And it was a cold dessert, not warm and delightful like the pear tart.

I had to do Body Pump and Cardio today to remove the guilt of having two desserts, but that pear tart was worth it.

CONCLUSION: I don't think I will get another rice dish from Molly Woo's. I'll probably just stick to the chicken dishes, or just get soup and dessert. And I will try and not go on a weekend around 9pm so I won't be terrified by the kiddos.


  1. Kids go to the mall. I went to the mall as a kid. Don't be such a negative nelly towards our youth, they are our future.