Sunday, February 7, 2010

Short North: The Burgundy Room

One of my favorite things about Columbus is Gallery Hop. The first Saturday of every month, the Short North comes alive, where hundreds, if not thousands of people, eat, drink, visit the galleries, and roam up and down high street.

The best part about my new apartment (besides not paying any utilities) is that I live two blocks from High Street, and can easily walk to the Short North and partake in Gallery Hop.

Saturday night, my friend Sarah and I went to one of our favorite restaurants, The Burgundy Room. Snowmageddon did not stop us from having an enjoyable Saturday night. The view from the Riffe Center on Friday:

The Burgundy Room is located almost in the heart of the short north. Deep, wood floors, a long bar, and multiple rooms make up the restaurant. There are a large variety of wines, in addition to various beers and cocktails. There is valet parking, for you non-Short North residents.

The Burgundy Room is known for its great tapas menu. Mussels, truffle fries, beet dip with toast points. However, The Burgundy Room recently changed its tapas menu, and Sarah and I just had to try it.

Sarah ordered the wine for us, a great bottle of pinot noir, "The Innocent Bystander."

We ordered a couple of tapas to start. I was addicted to the former truffle fries with basil aioli, so I tried the House Cut Parmesan- Rosemary Fries with Garlic Aioli:

Sarah sprung for the Beef Carpaccio with Horseradish Aioli, Cornichons, Pecorino Romano and Lavash Crackers (See, I told you I'd recruit a beef eater!!):

The fries were amazing. Fresh, hot, thick sliced. I thought the Parmesan rub may be overly greasy, but it was delicious. However, I wished the aioli could have had more spunk. Perhaps maybe the basil aioli could make a return to the fries. I clearly wasn't complaining:

Sarah loved the carpaccio. However, she could have done without the peppers.

We had to try the next two menu items. Roasted Asparagus with Poached Egg, Pancetta, Garlic Chips & Porcini Hollandaise and Duck Corn Dog with Fennel Slaw and Blood Orange Marmalade.

Corn dogs, really?!

When the server brought out the asparagus, he told us that the asparagus would change our lives.

Omg, he wasn't kidding!

The asparagus was perfectly cooked. Tender, yet firm. The porcini hollandaise, i could drink it! and the egg was perfectly poached, it tasted like butter. So, so good. Our waitress told us that the garlic chips take the chef forever to make, and I can imagine why; seriously, not even a quarter of an inch thick, perfectly crispy. I could eat this asparagus every day:

Uhh--corn dogs. I love corn dogs. However, most corn dogs are made from beef hot dogs, something I obvs don't do. These were made from duck:

The actual duck was pretty mild to the taste; I think it was only lightly seasoned with pepper, it wasn't very spicy. The corn bread surrounding the duck
was delicious, crisp, and not soggy. The corn dogs came with a nice slaw that was different from most; it was nice not to be sogged down with mayo.

Since we were already being gluttons, we sprung for dessert.

Sarah went for the Carrot Cupcake with Ginger Crème Anglaise, Saigon Cinnamon Ice Cream & Candied Walnut:

And I went for the Dark Chocolate Mousse with Fresh Berries and Whipped Cream:

I will probably get the carrot cake cupcake if I get dessert next time I'm there. The mousse was so-so, but I wanted to try something different than Sarah, and the creme bruele was rum flavored, so that didn't really scream "delicious" after the rich meal we had.

CONCLUSION: The Burgundy Room is great for girls night, a quick bite alone, a meeting spot with a group of friends, and would definitely be a great date spot. Next time, I will not eat before I go and have 2 orders of the asparagus.

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